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Time v. Friendships

Paris, July 23, 2019. In French there's an expression 'la goutte d'eau qui fait déborder la vase' which is a more poetic way to say 'the straw that broke the camel's back.'

The last couple weeks have been hard, deciding to pack up my 8 years of life in Asia to try and move to the US. To add to the pain of saying goodbye to my beautiful home and deep friendships I didn't know were possible, i entered into long distance relationship. Honestly, I felt okay about everything because I mean, don't friendships last forever? A true connection, that rare jewel of deep knowing of a person and them you, doesn't disappear over time or space. It may ebb and flow in intensity based on the energy input but it doesn't go away. Around the same time, someone I once considered a dear friend got married, and I saw it online.

"In 10 years you won't remember that job, but you'll always remember Paris."

It reminded me that while connections may last forever, relationships take good old hard work. A hard challenge for all, but I daresay especially those who have chosen the life of perennial distance and uncertainty of living abroad. Where vacations are dedicated to seeing your folks and grandparents rather than epic adventures with old friends.

Bref, I was convinced to come to france "on my way" to LA, on the urging of this beautiful frenchie here. At first I hesitated, guilt of work always looming, but she said some stuff that shook me: "In 10 years you won't remember that job, but you'll always remember PARIS." She cracked my icy heart, broke the camel's back. Paris, the city of my youth remained divine!

The connection to it was 'same same but different' as we say in Thailand. She took me to this tiny intimate resto Vivant Deux that is only open during the week, and requires an RSVP days in advance. (We showed up at 7pm and were able to get a spot outside luckily!). Trust the waiters with the wine, eat anything on the menu (I had veal with some coconut sauce). Go for a drink in the area and never forget to dedicate that fickle concept of time to folks you care about!

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